Bug Detection Equipment...!

Hidden cameras and audio bugs come in many disguises...

...but if you know what Bug Detection Equipment to use then you can easily see if big brother is keeping tabs on you or your family...

...Do you feel secure in your hotel room, the tanning salon or changing room - its time to make sure...!

Most bugs emit radio waves. Therefore the standard counter surveillance measure is to 'sweep' for them with a bug detector.

Bugs can be hidden in an array of items from pens, baseball caps, clock radios, binoculars, spy phones, watches, wall clocks, plants, lamps, picture frames, ties and briefcases to name a few...


...The list is endless, and you need to be vigilant...

...And, be aware, sweeping is not foolproof because...

A bug that has run out of power or a bug which is only tuned on during surveillance may not show up during a sweep at all.

Hidden Camera Detectors

However there is new detection equipment previously restricted to government agencies that can detect hidden cameras emitting no signal at all.

Bug Detection EquipmentOne piece is a cool bug detector called the SpyFinder Personal which detects hidden cameras, on or off, in a simple but ingenious way.

The problem is this only detects cameras and not any audio devices or listening devices that may commonly be used.

Hidden Camera & Audio Bug Detectors (multi-purpose)

There are a lot of detectors available that will provide a solution to unwanted surveillance - audio or camera.

Most will scan for radio waves and locate all commonly used frequencies (30MHz to 2.52GHz) - You can also get high frequency detectors scanning up to 6+GHZ.

If you are protecting high level sensitive information I would strongly suggest a bug detector that scans frequencies 30MHz to 8Ghz (the unsavoury pros out there will use bugs transmitting on high frequecies to sail by most detectors)

Wireless camera/bug detectors

Wireless Camera Detectors

There are many different bug detectors – wireless and not so. Most will scan all commonly used frequencies. Many detectors will beep or vibrate to register the detection of a bug, with some using LED display, digital displays or mini TFT screens (enabling you to see the view from a hidden camera) to show the presence of a bug. Click here for a range of different dectectors

Multi Purpose RF Detectors

RF Detectors

Multi Purpose RF Detectors can protect you from wireless hidden cameras and wireless audio taps all in one package. Many now come as mini handheld devices like pens – perfect for keeping on your person to take to the tanning shop, hotel or changing room – giving you the piece of mind you need. Check them out here

Analog/Digital Signal detectors

Analog & Digital detectors

These gadgets offer the latest technology in hand-held radio frequency detection. Many Use the micro processor circuitry for very accurate detection of wireless transmission – analog or digital. They can also offer sensitivity controls, actual frequency readouts, signal strength displays and more – very useful for complete personal security in hand held form. Click here for detailed information

High Quality Multi Purpose Bug Detectors

High Quality Detectors

High end detectors like the Spy Hawk Pro are a breakthrough for combating unwanted surveillance – the perfect one stop surveillance device. These products easily detect analog and digital telephone taps, wireless bugs, concealed video cameras, GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices and the devastating "Infinity Device". Usually with a frequency detection range of around 1 MHz - 8 GHz – detecting the latest digital devices. Click here to visit the product range

Advanced Detection Equipment

There are other risks from advanced bugs...

These devices do not emit radio waves like normal recording equipment and can be difficult to detect.

These bugs require advanced detection equipment - learn more about advanced bug detection here.

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