Prevent Cell Phone Spying -
Use a Cell Phone Anonymously!

Prevent Cell Phone Spying - Use a Cell Phone Anonymously!

Eliminate cell phone spying with these simple steps for using your cell phone anonymously, and reduce the risk of you or your cell phone being the subject of surveillance.

With growing satellite and mobile phone technology, long distance communication has become much easier, but it's not always the best way of communicating due to the high tracking and recording risks

Mobile phones collect a lot of detailed information. This data includes information about the time and duration of the call, the location where the call was made from and to whom.

If you need to seriously reduce the possibility of cell phone spying please consider using the tips outlined on this page...

Tips To Prevent Cell Phone Spying

A major liability in security terms…

But can, if certain counter surveillance techniques are adopted, be reduce the likelihood of cell phone spying.

If you desperately need to use a mobile whilst on sensitive business, use pay-as-you-go mobile phones. They are available without being associated with a name or address, and because cards are used there is usually no billing information.

Careful however, once the user has been identified as using a certain phone, they can be tracked with the unique built-in International Mobile Equipment Identification (IMEI) encoded into each mobile phone.

The IMEI emitted by the phone does not change, regardless of the SIM in the phone. It is even transmitted when no SIM at all is present in the phone.

If longer-term anonymity is required, it is necessary to replace the phone and SIM every few days. Sometimes, for complete anonymity it is not advisable to have a mobile phone on your person at all. Some phones may still transmit information to the network or be accessible from the network even though the user has switched them off. It is therefore strongly recommended to remove the batteries from the phone.

If you desperately need to keep in communication, use it for a day or two whilst you are engaged in sensitive work.

If traveling to a sensitive location, in an urban area do not use your phone within 2-3 miles of the location, or in rural areas do not use it within 10-15 miles of the location. This will prevent the creation of a trail that associates you with that location on that day.

If the location you are going to is nowhere near a route you regularly travel, turn off your phone before you start your journey there.

Spy Phones - just like the real thing, but not...

Spy Phones

These are pretty new and high tech devices that allow you to monitor the telephone conversations of the user, from anywhere in the world, including any discussions in the location of the phone.

If you would like to learn more about spy phones and phone tapping please click here.

Telephone tapping is widespread but there are some simple precautions, like the smart use of phone boxes, the installation of secure phones and encryption, can minimalism risk to sensitive calls.

If you want to know how to be smart against telephone tapping see our phone tapping counter surveillance tips (link wil be added shortly).

Spy/Cell Phone Jammer

You can get a neat little mobile phone signal jammer disguised as a packet of cigarettes. Push a button and prevent all cell phone spying in a 60ft radius from your location. Perfect to prevent the possibility of spy cell phones listening to your conversations.

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