Covert Listening Devices

Covert listening devices come in many forms, all suitable for different situations. Consider these few questions to help you decide on the right device...

  • Do your recordings need to be covert and discreet?

  • Has the device got to be left unattended?

  • How long will you need to record for?

  • Do you need to be able to hear sounds from a distance?

  • Should you use analogue or digital?

    Analogue or Digital

    Personally I tend to steer towards digital equipment – due to the ease of storing and retrieving the information, the unlimited playback potential (with no loss of quality), and computer software that can manipulate digital recordings and extract sounds or conversations distorted or covered with background noise.

    Directional Microphones or Sound Amplifiers

    Covert listening devices -  Need to make the right choice? Consider these questions...These covert listening devices effectively boost your hearing capabilities. Sound is often boosted by at least 40 decibels (they usually have a safety measure to cut out any loud sounds that would damage your hearing).

    Use these microphones to magnify faint or distant sounds from hundreds of yards away – perfect for stake outs or wildlife observation. For a great selection of first rate directional microphones visit or checkout our personal recommendations below.

    Listen Through Walls

    Covert listening devices -  Need to make the right choice? Digital recorders, directional microphones or listening through walls... Things to consider...!You can get professional devices that hear through walls and doors from hundreds of yards away. You can attach the device to the wall in question, retreat to a safe location and listen in to anything picked up.

    You can get both wired and wireless – wireless is suited for highly covert operations when you need to be concealed whilst listening in. Good covert listening devices can usually hear through walls up to a thickness of about half a meter. Check out the most extensive range I have ever found to-date, Click Here To Listen Through Walls or checkout our tried and tested recommendations below.

    Digital Recorders

    Covert listening devices -  Need to make the right choice? Consider these questions...Digital recorders are very versatile and very discreet; pens, clocks, a computer mouse, watches, sun glasses, and many more.

    digital technology has removed destruction of audio quality due to age or usage, it has increased versatility and ease of use, and prices are continually falling. They are completely silent, have no moving parts and can be very small – perfect covert listening devices for discreet or undercover uses.

    You can detect and monitor cell phones, connect to phone lines, record meetings, discussions all voice activated. Recording time can range from 16 – 200 hours or more, and can be easily uploaded to your computer. (It’s not necessary to go for high memory unless an absolute requirement – the smaller memory, combined with the ability to upload recordings to your computer, is suitable for most needs and costs less.

    Covert listening devices -  Need to make the right choice? Consider these questions...The overall versatility of digital recorders makes them the ideal type of covert listening device for almost every situation.

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