The Grooviest House Gadgets - My Top Picks

Cool ShootersMy No1 choice for the grooviest house gadgets around today...

Looking for neat little house gizmos to show off to your friends...?

Or maybe you just can’t live without the latest, funkiest and most outrageous house gadgets...?

What ever your needs there are some amazing, astonishing and just plain delicious gadgets available for your home...

Something cool for the kitchen or something bizarre for the bathroom.

What about the latest booze or bar toys.

Or maybe you just want something mega comfy to chill-out on in your lounge or something nifty to spruce up the garden.

Well for our enjoyment I have pooled together the best, most sought after house gadgets...

...for homely gadget heaven...

Electronic Gadgets Bliss

Electronic BlissIn my eyes electronic toys are the daddy of all things gadget, I’m just a sucker for the latest techy gizmo. Please take a look at my No1 choice of gadgets for the home...

Pretty Party

Pretty PartyIs it me or do parties often seem to feel a bit flat...? Well if you’re looking to party things up a bit my favorite party gadgets are well equipped for the job in hand.

Kool Kitchen Gadgets

Kool KitchenA special selection of gadgets, like the amazing but useful George Foreman, the cool rapid drink chiller, the one and only chocolate fountain or the dreamy ice cream ball.

Bizarre Bathroom Gadgets

Bizarre BathroomMake bath time fun again! The bathroom is somewhere many of us spend a great deal of time so it’s well worth spicing up with my No1 choices for bathroom gadgets.

Bar Gadgets

Bar and BoozeBooze is top fun most of the time anyway, but mix in some neat boozing gadgets and you’ll never need to go to the bar again (unless you’re after more than a drink...)

Chilling Gadgets

Chilling GadgetsMy ultimate choice of perfect house gadgets designed for chilling and maybe a little for showing off. I just love to sit down, whack on the 360, turn up the surround sound and chill in the company of the coolest gadgets available today...

Groovy Garden Gadgets

Groovy GardenThe garden is a wonderful place to be (dependent on the weather and your surroundings). Now I can’t suggest a lot to do about the weather, apart from moving somewhere hot, but I can recommend some stupendously fun and sometimes amazingly useful gadgets for cheering up the garden...


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