Motion Activated Spy Cam

The motion activated spy cam is the perfect covert solution for home, work or travel security...

...A very useful piece of kit.

While on vacation.... Set one up in your hotel room while see what the maid is really doing.

...In your apartment to see what your roommates are really doing with your belongings.

...In your home to see who comes and goes while you're out.

...On your property to catch any uninvited guests.

Motion detector cameras also offer a couple of cool benefits over your ordinary surveillance camera...

  • Motion activated spy cams only record when you want them to

  • No need to record and store endless hours of video

  • No need to search through tons of video

    Where To Buy?

    I have used many Spy Gear Stores over the years. Unfortunely I have had many bad experiences> Whether it was poor customer service, poor products, poor after sales or often all combined.

    However the one store that always delivers in every single area is

    If you are set on buying a motion activated camera, checkout their motion activated Cam section. You will not be disappointed.

    First you should decide on the type you are looking for by using my easy to pick up guide below.

    I have also dropped in some of our top choices for motion activated cameras at the bottom eof this page.

    What To Look For:

    Motion activated spy cams are perfect for improving security or, if you feel illegal activities are taking place in your home or office, perfect for gathering evidence.

    There are many different types of motion activated spy cams, all suited for different tasks...

    Outdoor Smart Camera and Light Systems

    The motion activated spy cam - A perfect covert solution...!A camera combined with motion-activated floodlights.

    Perfect as a deterrent and ideal for troublesome areas around your property.

    Instantly and automatically shine powerful floodlights whenever motion is detected, and catch it all on-camera. Many cameras now come with sirens or warning voice overs.

    Motion Activated Surveillance

    CCTV Surveillance Camera Systems – Find the right system for your needs...!You can really go the whole 9 yards and get a full surveillance system which includes the DVR, multiple night/day pan, tilt, zoom cameras, motion activation, flood lighst and more.

    These are ideal to secure you whole home or business premises. Many DVR's will hold up to years of recordings for continuous surveillance without deleting. The benefit of motion activation is of course the recording only starts when motion is detected - saving space, time and money.

    Covert Motion Activated Cameras

    The motion activated spy cam - A perfect covert solution...!

    Hidden Motion DVR’s

    They come in many different forms such as clock radios, mantle clocks and lamps...

    All functions work normally and the cameras are usually invisible, video is high definition, images are recorded on a memory card and the systems are completely self contained.

    Perfect for the covert surveillance of sensitive areas, nannies, caretakers or employees.

    The motion activated spy cam - A perfect covert solution...!

    Personal/portable Security Cameras

    These cameras can be set up anywhere. Simply place the unit in a desired location and turn it on. This discrete item is perfect for anywhere you need personal protection.

    No VCR to set up, no software to install, simply place the camera where you wish to capture video and it will automatically digitally record fast-action snapshots or video when motion is detected.

    Playback on your own TV, hook up to the computer and save your recordings. Easy to use and adaptable to many situations.

    These points hould help you decide what type of camera you require. You should now either checkout Spy Associates motion activated cameras here or checkout our recommednations below:

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