The Phone Bug Detector

The Phone bug detector...

...Think your private conversations are being monitored...?

Need to detect and defeat phone bugs or taps...

There are a number of telephone line privacy devices, eavesdropping testers and cell phone prevention devices available today but where do you start...?

Cell phone Devices

Cell Phone Jammers

Cell Phone JammersYou can get a neat little mobile phone signal jammer disguised as a packet of cigarettes. Push a button and prevent all cell phone spying in a 60ft radius from your location.

Perfect to prevent the possibility of spy cell phones listening to your conversations.

Telephone Bug Detectors

Basic Phone Bug Detector

Telephone Bug BusterTelephone Bug Buster

These can easily detect telephone tapping and telephone recording devices attached to a standard home phone. Protecting against line powered transmitters, line activated tape recording controls, and all voltage activated devices.

It will warn you of lineman headsets and extension phone eaves droppers. Usually very easy to install and use.

Mid Range Telephone Bug detectors

Phone Tap DetectorPhone Tap Detector

Check your phone line for on-premises series and parallel bugs and wiretaps... Check your telephone for the most types of hook switch bypasses which turn your phone into a room monitoring device.

Phone Line Security DevicePhone Line Security Device

These devices will automatically detect and deactivate all known line wire tapping devices using many levels of protection:

  • On-hook and off-hook voltage detection
  • renders recorders useless by causing them to stay in standby mode
  • automatic muting of conversations if a tap is detected
  • frequency shifting to render telephone analyzers useless
  • causes line recorders to run when phone is not in use

  • State of The Art Detectors

    Telephone Tap Nullifier

    Telephone Tap Nullifier

    A tap nullifier usually costs more than your standard phone tap detector but is high quality and state of the art technologhy.

    They will detect and defeat eavesdropping bugs... They will nullify almost any eavesdropping device placed on your telephone line... And turn your telephone into a high security telephone line.

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