Phone Surveillance and Phone Tapping – Things to Consider...!

Thinking of performing cell phone surveillance then there are a few things you should consider; how long will the recorder have to run, do you need caller ID information, Do you need to be connected to the mains, do you want digital or standard recordings and what devices are available.

Standard or Digital

Personally I always go for digital equipment – the ease of storing and retrieving the information, the unlimited playback potential with no loss of quality, and with new computer software digital recordings can be manipulated to extract sounds or conversations distorted or covered with background noise.

Phone Surveillance or Wire Tapping

You can get taps that are self sufficient or that transmit to a receiver within proximity of the tapping device. You should consider if you are going to be personally monitoring the call and recording anything of interest or whether you must leave the device and therefore you need the device to automatically record all conversations once the call is picked up.

To help in your decision here are the options you have available:

Phone Surveillance Options

Spy Phones

Cell Phone Surveillance and Phone Tapping – Things to Consider...!

I really like this idea, they spy phones look totally normal, act totally normal but hide a nifty little secret…

When activated (usually by calling a secret number) they answer themselves without ringing or activating in any noticeable way (i.e. light, sounds, etc). The recordings are clear as day, be it a recording of a conversation within the vicinity of the phone or any calls made too and from the phone - All without the targets knowing. The only issue with spy cell phones is they are quite expensive... you may find these at Or checkout our favorites below:

Digital Phone recorders

Cell Phone Surveillance and Phone Tapping – Things to Consider...!

These phone surveillance devices are very versatile and are perfect for most surveillance needs; cell phones, regular phones and all-round portable recording.

With the benefit of digital technology there is no longer the problem with audio quality diminishing over time, regardless of the number of times played. The devices have zero working parts and are completely silent which makes them incredibly hard to pick up – a very discreet option for phone or portable surveillance.

Recording time can range from 16 – 200 plus hours, many devices include voice activated settings and programmable recording options to give you many surveillance options. If you are considering the purchase of a digital recorder I recommend you take a look here: Digital Recorders

Multi-purpose Phone Tapping Devices

Cell Phone Surveillance and Phone Tapping – Things to Consider...!

You can now get this really useful recording device. It’s really handy as it can record cell phones, pay phones, cordless phones, digital signals and even hotel or accommodation phones. Perfect for every surveillance need.

A nice feature of this gadget is it can be active for months on end without draining batteries or the need for a mains socket - The device neatly kicks in when the receiver is lifted and then ends when the caller hangs up, negating the need for constant power to be fed to the surveillance device. This is an ideal feature if you need to leave the surveillance device at a location over a long period of time to obtain the information you are looking for...

Or take a look here for the most extensive range available online

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