Spying Tips, Techniques and Counter Measures.

Spying tips and techniques. Learn the tactics of a spy... How to conduct surveillance, how to counter surveillance and the best ways to communicate, travel and meet securely.

Consider using some of the counter surveillance, communication and concealment techniques to improve your personal or corporate security...

...But if you wish to conduct any active surveillance please refer to the laws and regulations of your own country.

The Guides...!

Overview - Click Here

A simple explanation of surveillance, counter surveillance, bugs, communicaion and concealment.

A Guide To Surveillance Techniques - Click Here

Simple and effective surveillance techniques for a successful operation...

Counter Surveillance Techniques - Click Here

Need to know how to go un-noticed? These simple but effective Counter Surveillance Techniques will help...


Click on the link below to find out a little more regarding each subject. Surveillance | Counter Surveillance | Surveillance Devices | Communication



To monitor the activities of persons or organizations to obtain information. Be that covert (without their knowledge) or overt (with their knowledge).

Modern technologies have given surveillance a completely new potential. With GPS tracking, hidden cameras, motion detection cameras, digtial recording equipment and computer software now everywhere, you can track, shadow or gather detailed information on people or organizations with ease...

...Websites with access to detailed public records, criminal records, driving history and education records are all but a few clicks away. Click here for detailed spying tips.

...And potentially dangerous.

Counter surveillance

Basically preventing surveillance or making surveillance decidedly difficult.

With the constant introduction of new technology, forever growing security systems, and detailed computer databases, counter surveillance continues to grow into a necessity for businesses and the average person.

And with the increasing risk to computer, post, credit card and identity fraud you need to take some measures to combat unwanted spying.

Surveillance Devices (Transmitters, Cameras, Bugs)

Bug Detector Tips

New technology means cameras can now transmit clear color pictures and audio from just a tiny pin-hole lens or microphone. They are coming in all forms of disguise; pens, baseball caps, clock radios, binoculars, spy phones and briefcases to name a few.

Both bugs and detectors are covered in the surveillance and counter surveillance guides.


Spying Tips, Tools and Techniques!

An essential part of spying is the gathering, transit and analysis of information and intelligence in secrecy. You need to know the best spying tips and techniques available for communicating securely:

A code simply works by replacing words or phrases with something different to encrypt letters for example.

A cipher is a machine or technique in which each letter is replaced with another. The most famous code machine is the Enigma that the German's used during the Second World War.

Telephones and mobiles
With growing satellite and mobile phone technology, long distance communication is simple but risky.

Telephone tapping is also a common problem but, there are some simple but smart precautions that can reduce the risk to sensitive calls.

If you want to know how to be smart against telephone tapping and how to use your mobile securely see our Counter Surveillance Techniques.

Drops or Message Passing
Messages are often passed using dead-drops, or dead-letter boxes, a prearranged location where the message is placed in specific container.

A simple spying tip to integrate with your messages is to use Invisible ink - this has been adopted by spies for many years. (You could write a fake letter with ordinary ink then add your secret writings with invisible ink)

Inks can be used on fabrics as well as with paper, opening up further possibilities.


An important part of a spy’s job is to be able to look natural and blend in but disguising identity involves more than just changing your appearance.

Disguising your activities, traveling and meeting securely are covered in detail in the Counter Surveillance Techniques guide

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