Surveillance Techniques, Tools and Resources

Simple and effective surveillance techniques for a successful operation...

Humans are creatures of habit: they take the same route to work, shop at the same place and same time every week, buy the same paper etc, etc, etc – people are predictable.

You may need to follow a target, conduct a steak out, monitor employees or family with covert bugs or computer monitoring software – with the right tactics surveillance can easily be picked up.

...Always, Always Research and Plan...!!!

Research and Plan

Research is very important and number one priority, especially if you intend to tail a target or conduct a stakeout - If you are not familiar with the location and have not taken the time to plan ahead, your efforts will be wasted…

  • You must always research and study the location intently before making your trip. You need to know the layout, activity level, and suitable traveling routes or surveillance locations. It is very important to be familiar with your surroundings and highly familiar with your targets habits.

  • Always take a different route going there and coming back, and if possible never arrive or leave from the same location.

  • If you’re using a car or van for a stake out, ensure you look as inconspicuous as possible – take seat in the passenger or rear seat, read a book, study a map, just do something that gives the impression you are waiting for someone.

  • do not wear distinctive clothes or carry distinctive objects - blend in.

  • If using public transport, roaming tickets are ideal for any journey - you have flexibility over your route and will keep your options open.

    If you want to learn more about these techniques two books at, one called “Secrets of Surveillance” and the other “How To Make $100,000 A Year As A Private Investigator”, cover everything you need to become a highly successful investigator.

    Covert Surveillance Equipment (Bugs)

    Surveillance Techniques, Tools and Resources...!

    Surveillance devices now come in many forms – cameras and listening devices come disguised as clocks, radios, plants, smoke alarms, teddy bears, the list just goes on. You can easily get hold of phone tapping equipment and mobile spy phones. These surveillance devices are easily obtained all over the net, but you should know the facts before your purchase... Find out more...

    Back Ground Checks/Data Profiling

    Surveillance Techniques, Tools and Resources...!

    Data profiling is a very convenient way to check the creditability of a person, for example a potential employee or a date.

    The option for the use of surveillance techniques like background checks has only become available to the general public over the last few years – 100% legal... Find out more

    Computer Surveillance Techniques

    Surveillance Techniques, Tools and Resources...!

    Computers are a high reward surveillance target because large amounts of information are stored on them. With the state of modern computer software you can monitor everything done on any PC from anywhere in the world. The software can be remotely or manually installed and turns any computer into a surveillance device.

    If you’re looking to monitor your home PC or remotely monitor another PC the best place to start is at Spy Tech Online, home of the number one spy software.

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