X-ray Glasses
007 eat your heart out...

Real Spy Gadgets – James Bond, eat your heart out!
X-ray glasses - I just had to put these on here.

What a cool invention, real science fiction stuff.

I mean, ask the average person if you can get x-ray glasses and they will probably say “yeah, on James Bond”...

...But how wrong they are, because with this real spy gadget you can see through materials and fabrics impossible to see through with the naked eye...

...You see in full color with a clear and crisp view - I would say the images are of camcorder quality due to the 470 lines of resolution.

How It Works

Under normal light, Both visible (light you can see) and infrared light (light you can't see) will pass through some materials covering an object and be reflected back by the object's surface.

In this case the reflected visible light is too strong and saturated preventing you from seeing through the material with the naked eye.

However, if the reflected visible light is filtered out and only the reflected infrared and the required light is captured using special made sensitive cameras inside the glasses, the covered object surface will be visible.

In Basic Terms

It works because any light visible to you and me, gets distorted by certain materials and fabrics preventing it from being seen with your eyes.

What the glasses do is pick up the infrared light with a special camera...

...This I-R light is not distorted by the material but cannot be seen by the naked eye, enabling the wearer to see through the material when using the x-ray glasses.

You can even use a regular Sony NightShot camcorder (infrared night vision), attach a special lens and bingo x-ray vision (no other modification to your camcorder is required). CLICK HERE NOW to learn more about x-ray glasses, cameras and lenses.

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